Sunday, May 31, 2009

Friday Night Lights

The boyfriend and I decided to go with a few friends to go see Dave Attell at WiseGuys on Friday Night.. It was super funny and we had way too much fun!
Caleb is my favey fave person..look at this face, how could I not{love} him?There is no one who could make me laugh like this {seksi guy}.. We is a good lookin couple for sure! I am not gonna lie...
My friend Sara Bear, well she is so beautiful and funny! Look at this girl, she is a looker!! Thanks for all the laughs girl, those faces you do,they are supa seksi!!

what seksi faces you ask?These ones!!

haha, Emily Girl... you have a smile to light up the night!! U are an amazing friend.Period. There is no one I could spend a funner Monday night, not doing shit, drinking a drink, and talkin the night away...lovesu.
Cheers to all and to all a good night!!

Well....Except to that one girl that "ruined the picture"
haha, Sara Bear you know what I am talking about!!

Funnest of times with my Favey Fave Peeps!!
Sandy Pants, where were you this weekend girl?