Monday, July 27, 2009

Aloha Kauai

I am too lazy to try to redo the pics in the right order so I will start from the end to beginning...Arika I am so glad you came and we got to hang out and be silly :)

Jared and Randy are super funny... Randy has the funniest faces.

haha. I don't even know what is going on here.Kauai was so fun and beautiful...

It was BevS BDay while we were there!!

My fave beaches were in Kauai and I can't wait to go back...

Jared and Arika being the cute married couple.

Caleb and I getting ready to go out..

Beach time, my fave!

Caleb walking down the beach....
Getting us some yummy drinks...
Getting some pizza with the fam...
Caleb and I at the entrance of this cave but was really like a watering hole.. right before our hike.
View on the hike .. that trial was awesome.. my feet on the other hand didn't love it.
I wish I had better pics to do it justice...

Yes, I Ana Jim, went on THAT!

I will have to get more pics from other people, as you can see I am the worst at taking my camera places...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Who Said We Can't FiT Six People In A Four Person Jeep?

We were all pretty surprised when we got to Maui and realized the size of the Jeep we were supposed to fit Six Peeps in! Being in paradise makes you sacrifice certain luxuries..ours was sitting comfortably...

One of the first days we braved it in the Jeep we traveled a few hours away to Hana which was on the opposit side of the Island.. while sitting there trapped between Caleb and Clark, it started to rain, keep in mind we had taken down the top of the jeep.. we got wet.. a couple hours into the zig zagged highway we finally made it to some gorgeous waterfalls!

We had to hike down a little ways.. but it was worth it!

We got back in and decided to go to a Red Sand Beach.. it was breath taking. I have seen black sand in Costa Rica but red sand made the Ocean look amazing!! The water was light blue!

Look How Gorgeous! I fell in love with this beach. It was beautiful!

After the car ride we went on an early morning bus ride up to the crater volcano to check out the sun rise..

It was super cold and so pretty.

You are above the clouds and it kinda makes you feel like you are in heaven...

After the sunrise was where the fun began.. we rode bikes down.. not sure how many miles down but it was so fun! You just booked it down the volcano on road bikes super fast.. so fun!
We stopped to grag a snack and coffee.. Stace has the best ideas, good one Stace!

We did four dives while we were in Maui.. Ben took some under water pics that maybe we will be able to post later.. it was the best dives, we saw tons of turtles, fishes and even reef sharks!

Yes Sharks!

We had to swim through one of their sleeping caves so it was intense... So fun!
This is Molokini we went snorkeling to see this amazing reef, the biggest I had seen!

These two crazy girls are so fun! The things they do and say, I have never laughed so hard! Oh and Clark thanks for getting me addicted to Golden Girls!

We had a lot of fun

Caleb is such a sport.. he always lets me bury him.. then we gave him boobs and Clarky gave him a "you know what"

We had a lot of first times in Maui.. first time at nakey drum circle, first time seeing sharks, first time on vakay with such great friends!

Thanks Friends For A Great Time In Maui!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hello Hawaii!!!!

Beach!! I miss the smell, the heat, the humidity!! I love the ocean, I swear I should have been a mermaid!

Caleb and I arrived in Oahu and decided not to waste our 7 hr layover so we hit up the Oahu City Bus and went to Pearl Harbor. It was pretty cool...
The Ships are massive, it is too bad we couldnt take a tour.. Maybe next time..

After we hit up the bus and my leg got stuck in the bus door, talk about embarrassing moment.. it was pinched between the door and a bar.. I got a bruise. Just my Luck!
After the awful bus ride we arrived at Waikiki Beach.. It was very busy and super touristy..

But how cute does Caleb look.. Love this Pic.

I was finally able to put my feet in the sand and ocean!! ahhh it has been too long!!!
more to come....Kauai Adventure Next!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bad Ana

Today, I gave in to temptation. I had this.

Bad Ana. LowFat? ya, right! I don't believe that for a second, much toooooo yummy.

Hawaii Pics coming soon!