Monday, August 24, 2009


Well most of it.. I am so relieved to have most of it done... So Here are the pics..

So in case you didn't see my kitchen/dining area before.. the wall used to be Red Jalapeno, how appropriate right? well.. it is now this nice soft green! The cabinets used to be light colored and now they are a cherry red... I need to go buy some art to put on those back walls but I am loving the change!We finally sold our old, yucky, uncomfortable couches and upgraded to these! A sectional.. I need to buy a chair to put on the opposite wall but I think I am gonna yard sale it to see if I can find a cheap one.. And last but CERTAINLY not least... My Bed a.k.a HEAVEN!

The colors I had originally planned for the bedding were way too hard to find so I decided to go with a grey color.. I will post pics of it set up later.. but this was the day it got delievered!

We are thrilled! Looks good huh?


  1. that all looks awesome! we have a sectional similar to yours and love it. we have different pieces in different rooms and it all ties together. anywho, LOVE the new stuff!